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Oracle Consulting

TaTCode provides a powerful combination of domain experience and Oracle knowledge to deliver unmatched Oracle technology expertise for various sectors including manufacturing, finance, IT, health, government, retail, education, etc. We have deep skills on Oracle EBS Application, Oracle Cloud and Oracle Fusion across all industry aspects. We have a strong team of experts with knowledge in new and sustaining Oracle technologies like Demantra, Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) middleware, Fusion Architecture, PaaS, SaaS etc.

  • Certified experts apply their experience and best practice to help our customer implement the best solution for their business.
  • Design and optimize a custom environment for your Oracle applications that meets your business requirements.
  • Migration Assistance
  • Expert assistance to deploy and manage your preferred cloud.

Service Offerings

Oracle E-Business Suite

TaTCode core services are Oracle E-Business Suite and it continues to be major share of our business.

Our Team built best practices and re-usable components in EBS R12 which helps customers upgrade/re-implement from legacy versions of EBS, fresh implementation, enhancements and support.

Our services includes: Complete project end-to-end assessment of EBS R12, defining the project scope, selecting/suggesting the right modules based on business needs, gathering the business requirements, functional implementation, gap analysis and CEMLI design, Data migrations, Conversions and integrations.

Specialized in implementing co-existence model in EBS, Oracle Fusion Cloud and legacy applications using integrations. All EBS Modules(O2C, P2P, Manufacturing, Financials, HRMS, CRM, etc..), imodules, business analytics and real time using golden gate and ETL process.

  1. Certified experts apply their experience and best practice to help our customer implement the best solution for their business.
  2. Design and optimize a custom environment for your Oracle applications that meets your business requirements.
  3. Migration Assistance
  4. Expert assistance to deploy and manage your preferred cloud.

Oracle Fusion SaaS Consulting

Oracle Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) applications provide you with the speed and innovation of best-of-breed cloud software in a complete, secure, and connected cloud suite.

TaTCode Oracle Fusion practice is specialized in Oracle Fusion Cloud implementations in all Pillars like Oracle ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, Oracle Service(CRM) Cloud, EPM, Oracle SCM Cloud and SaaS Analytics. Our experienced & certified Oracle SaaS professionals designed standards and re-usable framework by using accelerators. This helps to reduce the end-to-end implementation time and cost of the project. We are expert in implementing co-existing model by leveraging predefined integrations provided by Oracle.

  1. Oracle cloud suite provides complete software for your entire business so that you can subscribe to certain SaaS applications as needed.
  2. Accounting
  3. HR
  4. Marketing
  5. Procurement
  6. Project Management
  7. Sales Management
  8. Supply Chain
  9. Enable users to personalize software to their roles
  10. Connect to your business from any device anywhere
  11. Connect to other cloud and integrate existing systems

Oracle Fusion PaaS Consulting

Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows developers, IT professionals, and business executives to innovate faster, increase productivity, and lower costs with a comprehensive set of solutions to develop, extend, connect, secure, mobilize, and get insights from your business application.

TaTCode Oracle Cloud – PaaS practice is master of advanced skills and helps customer to simplify SaaS implementation, customizations, extending the standard functionality, integrating with legacy applications and building custom UI. Some of the key services are DBCS, JCS, JCS-SX, DevCS, Analytics, API Catalog, SOACS, PCS, Bigdata, IOT, Visual Builder, Mobile and Chatbots.

  1. Comprehensive and Integrated
  2. Open and Standards-Based : To enable you to easily build, deploy, integrate and extend applications in the cloud, Oracle Cloud Platform supports numerous open standards (SQL, HTML5, REST, and more) open-source solutions (such as Kubernetes, Hadoop, and Kafka) and a wide variety of programming languages, databases, and integration frameworks.
  3. Lower Cost of Ownership : Get the most complete, hassle-free provisioning and lifecycle management for your entire PaaS environment.
  4. Easily Integrate and Extend SaaS
  5. Security, Scalability, and Performance
  6. Deployment Choice : You can deploy your application to the data center of your choice and get comprehensive cloud service and subscription based pricing of public cloud.
  7. Oracle Cloud Platform provides low-cost, rapid integration across Oracle and third-party SaaS and on-premises applications.

Oracle Fusion Migration Strategy

Business and IT Strategy Consulting Services:

TaTCode Certified Professionals & Strong Architect team studies clients core business process and validates IT systems. Analyses all critical business functions and actual need for tech-upgrade. Provides IT strategy and Technology road map for the organization. Provides IT systems implementation guidelines and Cloud migration strategy to reduce the IT costs for the business. Acts as an Enterprise Architect of the client organization and sets stage wise Technology migration plans.

Management Consulting:

TaTCode Provides Management Consulting for the IT implementations. Acts as client IT manager, Owns the project, involves in IT systems decisions, define project charter, define risks and mitigation plans and executes the complete implementation, GO-Live, post go-live strategy for support.

IT Consulting:

TaTCode provides unique and innovative POC-as-Service to customers where we build MVP(Minimum Viable Product) to test their innovations quickly in the market. We also provides diversified advanced technology stack for the organizations to help them focus on Innovations rather technology.

Oracle SOA Suite

With Oracle SOA Suite you can transforms how you do your business.

It turns your complex business application integration into agile and reusable service-based connectivity to speed up your time to market, enable to respond faster to business requirements, and lowers cost of business.

  1. TaTCode help its customers fully leverage their Oracle SOA Suite investment.
  2. Our best practices and experiences enable us to design services for our clients that are created with stability, reusability, and performance top of mind.
  3. We enable our customers to be more responsive and agile in their initiatives which enables them to outperform their competitors.
  4. With our team of experts we assist our customers to achieve their strategic goals as soon as possible.
  5. With an increase in digital integration of an organisation it needs to become more flexible to change and adaptable. With our help organizations become enable in ensuring future strategic and technical needs and respond to requirements as soon as possible.

Business Intelligence(BI) Services

TaTCode has extensive experience in designing rich BI solutions for the business. Delivered high critical SNOP dashboards for top level business management team. Our team has identified and built reusable reports based on the business needs which can be readily used with minor changes.

Oracle BI is an integrated solution in EBS and OTBI in fusion applications. OBIEE is on-Premises BI tool which supports for analytical and dashboard reporting on OLAP DB.

BICS is an Oracle cloud PaaS service and works on monthly payment model. The implementations using BICS offering is picking up so fast and also flexible to migrate from on-Premises to Cloud. Our expert team suggests the right choice of the product based on the customer actual need and budget.

  1. An organization’s growing volumes of business analytics data is the information that helps managers make the decisions that drive its success. Business Intelligence(BI) applications are the leading technologies to extract an insight from that data.
  2. Our expert team offers you an insightful, knowledgeable partner expert both in Oracle BI technologies and the business challenges unique to your industry.
  3. TaTCode can help you to gain the valuable insight of your data with our experience in implementing, managing and supporting customer solutions based on the Oracle Business Intelligence including:
    1. Assessments and roadmaps
    2. Data warehousing and integration
    3. Dashboards, analysis and reporting
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