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Data Analytics

Data analytics and machine learning is creating great new opportunities for businesses. With increasing interaction of machines with digital technology and the number of sensor based automation in the industries the amount of data is increasing exponentially.

TaTCode’s team of experts help our clients in to fully utilize this huge amount of data that is collected overtime and get an insight of their business process. TaTCode provide services like:

  1. Enterprise Data Management
  2. Data Visualization
  3. Business Intelligence
  4. Developing Advanced Data Analytics Strategy
  5. Increase the decision making capability of organization by analysing the data
  6. Provide to change their strategy based on the insight client get out of their data
  7. Consulting services to execute these new strategies

Service Offerings

Big Data

Big data and advanced analytics provides new growing opportunities for business. With our team of specialists you can develop Advanced strategy and analytical experties ensuring to build the business by mining the data for better insight for decision making and value creation.

With TaTCode’s expertise in large applications and data analytics our client get the up to industry standard Big Data Solutions for your organisations real life problem that will enable you to get an insight of your business and support in robust decision making. We enable our clients to:

  1. Design right roadmap and approach to collect and connect with their data
  2. Visualise the data in meaningful way to generate valuable insights
  3. Design and Implement Big Data Solutions for all possible business cases
  4. BI services
  5. Monitor organizational progress and make necessary changes if needed to achieve goals

Machine Learning

Using machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence helps the business process by optimizing tasks including marketing automation, support, and service in addition to IT and supply chain management. ML enable to obtain a competitive advantage in business.

Machine learning is the necessity for all the upcoming industries and business when you wish to keep up in the market. TaTCode provides all the help you need to boost your business by implementing machine learning at all the possible vectors of your organisation.

Our team will work together with your team and collect the information like their requirements, challenges they face, security measures, architectural understanding and much more. Using this information our experts will design the best solutions which is special for your requirements. TaTCode will provide the services like:

  1. Scooping and Designing the Architecture
  2. Problem identification, Data Collection and Exploration
  3. Implementation of machine learning models according to requirements
  4. Provide ability to predict based on historic trends to plan your road map and crucial decision making
  5. Find patterns I your huge amount of data so that you can get the insight of your business getting the best out of the data

Neural Network

Neural networks are becoming increasingly popular in business. By implementing in business the neural network and data mining solutions solve the problems which have traditionally fallen under the responsibility of operations research reducing the effort and increase business efficiency.

TaTCode provide services to implement your business applications and architecture that takes the best out of neural networks. By implementing neural networks in you can increase your efficiency and reduce cost of operation.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning provide the potential to make significant impact on your organizations long term plans, innovations, growth and customer experience. DL can significantly increase the potential of your business and end-user experience.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing is the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enable the machines to understand data, generate insights and use it as learning experience for future decision making. Using these enable machines to provide enhanced user experience and reduce the load of repetitive tasks over your human resources and providing them opportunity to focus on creative and innovative work.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Using Artificial Intelligence helps the business process by optimizing tasks including marketing automation, support, and service in addition to IT and supply chain management. AI enable to obtain a competitive advantage in business.

TatCode provides assistance in developing their AI driven products and solutions. We use machine learning tools and algorithms in the best possible way suitable for our customer’s requirements. We analyse your business process, requirements, capabilities and over all security.

With this information you can get a suitable roadmap for the transformation process, tools, technologies and architecture which is best for your organization and its goals. We work with your teams side by side and see through the successful development and deployment of your product.

Data Visualization

Data visualization helps you to understand your data and trends. This service converts data that is collected over years into visual format. It is well known that human mind understands visual representations more quickly. With this you can get a picture of your performance, comparison between your plan and performance to achieve goals, make decisions based on the trends and improve your business.

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