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Application Integration Solutions

Application integration in one of the mandatory step in the success of an application project. It is the sharing of process and data among different applications in an organization. To ensure that the organization can get most out of all the components and modules it is necessary that all modules and resources are integrated in the application successfully.

TaTCode’s team of professionals have rich experience in vast variety of technologies. We provide you integration services for application whether the application’s resources are on cloud or on-premises, integration between multiple applications. The Benefits of application integration are :

  1. Improved Information Sharing
  2. Process Automation
  3. Reduced IT Complexity
  4. Increased Agility
  5. Increasing efficiency

Service Offerings

Oracle Fusion Middleware – SOA Suite

With Oracle SOA Suite you can transforms how you do your business. It turns your complex business application integration into agile and reusable service-based connectivity to speed up your time to market, enable to respond faster to business requirements, and lowers cost of business.

  1. TaTCode help its customers fully leverage their Oracle SOA Suite investment.
  2. Our best practices and experiences enable us to design services for our clients that are created with stability, reusability, and performance top of mind.
  3. We enable our customers to be more responsive and agile in their initiatives which enables them to outperform their competitors.
  4. With our team of experts we assist our customers to achieve their strategic goals as soon as possible.
  5. With an increase in digital integration of an organisation it needs to become more flexible to change and adaptable. With our help organizations become enable in ensuring future strategic and technical needs and respond to requirements as soon as possible.

Oracle Fusion Cloud PaaS – ICS, SOACS & PCS

TaTCode integration team is specialized in providing B2B and B2C integrations and makes sure business continuity and high availability is achieved. Integration Architecture team helps customer to decide based on the actual need and Budget, if customer already have integration tool licencing for SOA (On-Premises) else SOACS or ICS.

SOACS is an Oracle cloud PaaS service and works Pay-as-you-go model. The implementations using this layer is picking up so fast and existing licence of SOA on-Premises also can be migrated to Cloud.

ICS is an Oracle cloud PaaS service and works Pay-as-you-go model. This also used for creating integration between on-Premises to on-Premises and to cloud applications as well.

Cloud Integrations

Cloud Integration is the process of configuring multiple applications so that they will share data, services and process over cloud as a cloud computing service. This provide a rich control over your network and the data flowing between your applications.

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